Vesuvius morning light

201311115 Naples 2

I spent a day and a half in a hotel and in a meeting room in L’Istituto Nazionale Tumori “Fondazione Pascale”.  As the car wound up the hill between the two, I caught a glimpse through the roadside barriers of the dramatic wedge of sand making up the Bay of Naples with the sun suddenly glaring from behind the dark shape of Vesuvius.  I tried several times, in odd moments, to recapture this in my sketch book.

201311115 Naples 1

I have in mind a set of simplified shapes that might be captured in a lino print.

201311115 Naples 3

7 responses to “Vesuvius morning light

    • Thanks.
      I was there so briefly and saw nothing really of the environs, except that snatched glimpse. I then stayed overnight in Heathrow and flew out to Philadelphia. Again, wall to wall conference so saw nothing of that city either. Some brief images remain in my mind, chiefly of the industrial areas traversed from the airport, bright windows and gas flares lighting up the evening clouds. I have a simple sketch and cellphone snaps.
      I am enjoying your blog. Seriously, you remember the clothes you wore when the news came that JFK was shot?

      • Thank you for saying you enjoy my blog. So kind!

        Yes, I do. I was in Latin Class in ninth grade or eight grade in a suburb of Philadelphia as a matter of fact. And I then walked to my piano lesson after I got the news.

        It was such a shock to the world. After all, the Kennedys were like our royalty, among other things.

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