Wood for trees II

Wood for trees (15)

In the experimental drawing workshop, the instruction was “cover a big sheet with chalk pastel”.


To build layers, drawing, smearing, wetting, fixing, drawing again.

Others made patterns and abstracts.  I still had in my head the image of the fallen tree set against the backlit foliage.  I did not particularly wish to create a recognisable landscape piece but it was a start.

Wood for trees (7)

I reached a point where I wanted to disintegrate the picture I had started.  I ran it under the tap, placed more paper on top and walked on it.  Actually, the underlying image was rather resilient.

Wood for trees (9)

The print was interesting though.

Wood for trees (14)

At home, I rebuilt the picture from scratch, in just three colours, cobalt blue, rose and aurolean.

Wood for trees (16)

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