Starting printmaking I: monoprints

printing experiment 7

In June, I returned from the Seabird Painting Course with a set of ideas that I wanted to develop.

Several artists were making sketches for a purpose, to develop secondary pieces of work in other media such as sculpture or printing.  This intent affected how they drew, how they saw and thought.

printing experiment 5

If you click on this link to Kittie Jones you will see a piece drawn on Bass Rock this summer.  As well as drawing conventionally, Kittie did monotypes there on the rock amidst the guano.  I love that piece.  She describes her thinking here.

printing experiment 6

I was inspired by this to start learning some printmaking skills.  My aim is not so much to produce finished printed pieces, but to draw in the field as if making diagrams for a later abstraction.

I found that we have, in Birmingham, a small cooperative printmaking studio and last Saturday joined an introductory workshop. With expertise and patience, Kerry led us rapidly through three techniques.  These are my first attempts at monotypes, working from fast line drawings of gannets on Bass Rock.  The middle one, of course, is over-inked, but I still am interested by these textures.  The lower piece was one clumsily done, lifting ink like finger painting in reverse.  With more care and a better selection of tools, I can see how this technique can result in great images.

6 responses to “Starting printmaking I: monoprints

  1. NIce abstractions!
    Printing is an whole different experience! The etching and engraving are two of my best experiencies transforming drawings on something more “solid” (?) like a sculpt able to repeat an image.

  2. Monotypes are loads of fun. Hope you keep going with printmaking! So many of your sketches would turn into lovely prints. 🙂

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