20130828 Baggy point pond (3)

Set back from the coastal path in Devon is a pool overhung on one side by trees and opening, on the other, on the hill surmounting Baggy Point.  The water was covered to the right by dense weeds and on the left by a carpet of floating algal bloom.  I sat in the shade and sketched this, scowling to ward off interested passers by.  I failed.  A family arrived with a dog that threw himself into the water with gusto to be dragged out reluctantly.  Very slowly, the algal surface moved to cover again the opened water.


5 responses to “Green

    • Be honest, you can’t deny your sympathies aren’t with the dog. Its owners were shouting at it and it ignored them, blissfully, as only an illicitly swimming dog on a hot day can. When it came out, I hid all my stuff fast, but it went out into the sunshine to shake.

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