Tone drawings III: conte crayons and coloured paper

20130622 St Abbs Guillimots 1

The third and final day on St Abbs Head brought with it a set of experiments, learning from what I had tried before and also from observing other artists on the course.  Before picking up a brush, I explored picking out tones more simply on coloured paper with the limited range provided by a set of conte sticks.

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The guillemots on blue paper worked quite well – the blue paper provided both the highlights for the dark upper surfaces and the deper tones on the white underparts.

On the blade of rock opposite me was a shag, nesting, protecting at least two chicks.  Her deep dark glossy plumage provided a greater challenge.  Again, this seemed to work best on blue rather than orange paper – with white reflections, blue mid tones and black shadows.

I was not particularly satisfied with the results but still intrigued by the method.  As always, I look for means of rapidly making marks and filling volumes to capture the posture and movement of these beautiful birds.

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