Tone drawings II: guillemots

20130621 Guillimots at St Abbs 5b

This became my main challenge during those great days in June on St Abbs Head: to build shape by manipulating the tones, all while painting birds from direct observation mostly through a scope.

Through that painting trip, this was the only time when rain fell while I was drawing, at least until I set off home.  I am beginning to enjoy this challenge: using precipitation to moisten the paper and move the paint in unexpected ways without letting the lot slip off the edge in a pool of mud.

4 responses to “Tone drawings II: guillemots

    • I went back to St Abbs three days in a row. It is a fantastic place to draw and although quite a few people come and go above the cliffs, descending and going out on these narrow projections into the sea, there is not much disturbance. I was only 100 yards from the car park but it might have been 100 miles.
      Given the chance I would be there still. I could scarcely believe the day had gone each time.
      Thanks for calling by.

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