After the dance II

20130421 BHG 03

Until I started watching, I never saw Black Headed Gulls.  Now I can see them, I see them everywhere on any open water.  They bob on the surface, like balancing bananas.  To my eyes, they wear an expression of bemused surprise.

20130421 BHG 05

In April, they court, dropping their heads and arching their necks downwards, half opening their wings making a heart shape when viewed from behind.

20130426 (9)  20130426 (2)  20130426 (7) 20130421 BHG 02

Now the colony is guarding and feeding the stumbling chicks.


This is a collection of graphite sketches over the past few weeks.

20130421 BHG 04

20130421 BHG 01

20130426 (5)

20130426 (4)

20130426 (3)

6 responses to “After the dance II

    • Thanks
      Let me know what you like and I’ll tell you its status. Most stuff is not framed and some is in sketchbooks. I usually suggest a payment to the Melanoma Research Fund at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

  1. I think you have really captured the soft texture of the chicks and I agree with you about the expression on the gulls’ faces. I have often thought that and it reminds me a bit of Paul Merton, the comedian.

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