Appartement II: pas de deux

l'appartement (3)

There is a grittiness, an edge, a rawness to this short clip of ballet.  It is not what you might call pretty.   This is courtship and it is about sex.

l'appartement (4)

These pencil and charcoal studies are derived from this clip from the Mats Ek ballet with the haunting strings of Fläskkvartetten (Innocent from Pärlor Från Svin).

9 responses to “Appartement II: pas de deux

    • Thanks
      Its difficult to know whether the awkwardness is my drawing or in the dance itself. Its a fascinating ballet, combining grace and beauty with, well, awkwardness is a good word for it. There is a real sense of the uncertainties of courtship expressed here. That’s what I mean by it not being pretty.

  1. I certainly enjoyed the clip and the art it inspired in you stands by itself very well. I think you have captured the movement and feel of the piece very well.

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