Margaret Thatcher – in memorium

Socialists get nostalgic for the days of Thatcher.

She was a grocer’s daughter, a grammar school girl, a woman who clawed her way by ambition and intelligence to the top job against class prejudice and misogyny.  She did many mad bad things but now we have the real thing, posh boys in charge, risen through ranks of their own by exercising privilege and wealth, demonising people who graft for low wages as scroungers and workshy.

I dug out these remnants from the 80s of my early attempts at political cartoons.


I notice not much has changed in our relationship with Europe across the decades.

She left a massive legacy, resetting the political consensus such that her successors continued what she had begun, dragging this nation away from manufacturing and into a dependence on service industries and financial bubbles.


Civil society was militarised: battle lines formed between police and pickets in the sad drama of the long drawn-out doomed-from-the-start miners’ strike, the sequence of defense and attack filmed and shown in reverse for the evening news.

3 responses to “Margaret Thatcher – in memorium

  1. I attempted a satirical comic depicting Reagan’s missile shield around the same time. I am glad that your country has done a better job of remembering Thatcher accurately than the US media’s nostalgic glorification of Reagan, which seems to have extended to include Thatcher as well.

    • Oh go on .. Please post your cartoon for nostalgia’s sake.
      Reagan was a joke in the UK. Then W came on the scene and Reagan was redeemed by comparison. At the time, we saw him as a warmonger but I have heard since that beneath the rhetoric he seriously set out to avoid the descent into a hot war. Still both he and Thatch bought into the warped economic theory of Milton Friedman which caused great harm. I wish on the left people like me had a coherent vision in response though. I am not convinced we do.

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