Last week’s birds

I started in charcoal and with a snipe that was conveniently sheltering in reeds close to the hide. As the stiffness eased in my hand and brain, I could switch to watercolour.
Snipe - charcoal snipe - charcoal

cormorant - watercolour

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Meanwhile, I have finally fixed my home computer so it connects to the internet (it involved scouring the drive for remnants of an anti-viral program that spookily had itself become malign).  The first installment of our cancer vaccine trial is published and this week I am hiding to write the next manuscripts, to walk and paint.


9 responses to “Last week’s birds

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    • Three thanks to you.
      First for the link to my blog and generous comment.
      Second for reminding me about Huff Post. I trawled its pages last night, without which I would have not seen this comment, apparently from the Tory Justice Secretary, quoted from another blog:
      “I’m not opposed to parents giving really annoying ministers like Michael Gove a quick smack occasionally when it’s really warranted. Sometimes it sends a message to ministers – but I don’t hanker for the days when MPs were sometimes hung, draw and quartered by their constituents.”
      Third, I just enjoy your blog. I wandered through again last night. Your stuff is good. I really liked your acrylic collage sunset. But your reportage on art is great fun and educational. Even the recent “you’re ‘aving a larf” series is educational – the pastiches sent me looking at the originals.

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