The only path to salvation is through true love. But the truth of your love must be verified by examination of your art.

Last weekend, I watched the film of this book.

It was 3 quid in Tesco.

Since watching it, I found my thoughts are haunted by undercurrents of despair.

never let me go (11a)

Here are depicted human lives of suppressed anguish without rebellion. Their one hope, a false hope, is of salvation by true love, verified through art.

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This is not a warning nor yet an allegory. It is a model, a simplified representation of our own spiritual reality.

never let me go (11)

On the other hand, given my passing thoughts of hopelessness and despair are unutterably trivial when viewed from the vastness of space or the depths of time, it’s time to cheer up. The paintings were done on the iPad in response to the film.

6 responses to “The only path to salvation is through true love. But the truth of your love must be verified by examination of your art.

    • Its a powerful film to cause such strong sentiments. Its not really in my nature to despair, except when using a computer. I talked with a colleague who said she sobbed her way through the book.

  1. Haven’t seen the movie but read the book. I managed my despair by tempering it with annoyance at the book for being so depressing. It’s certainly a haunting story – but one of the worst parts for me wasn’t any of the strange plot points, but simply the fact that the characters almost never seemed happy. No matter if you’re destined to die young or live to old age, you need to be able to be happy.

    The first painting is quite unsettling.

    • I like your comments about books. They seem to be down to earth somehow.
      I only saw the film but ne characters were always miserable there too. But i think this is my point. He constructed a simple model of our reality, not told the story of some doomed young people. I work a lot with dying people and am continuously impressed by how pople deal with imminent death, with humour, acceptance, endeavour etc depending on their personality. In this plot he set up a scenario of free range farmed humans who really have empty lives. Their prison is their trained minds, theres no mischief, laughter, enquiry, hedonism, risk because they were conditioned to be tame. I think it is stripping out all the transient trivial illusory things that make our lives worth living, but still leaving sentience and self awareness that made this so desparately sad. But a film’s a film.
      The ipad is good for paintinf in a hurry as i did to unwind after that film. My art room is covered with debris, and now spattered with paint from making my wife’s valentine in the early hours Thursday

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