I found some sketches

This evening I am starting work on a new piece, a planned painting, probably in acrylic, larger than my usual fast drawings, pulling together recent plein air sketches and ideas borrowed from “real” artists.


As I collated my material, I found some sketches not previously posted. Here is a rock formation eroding in the tidal plain in Tyninghame on the Firth or Forth, the salt marsh at Frampton on England’s east coast, the rolling hills of the southern Pennines painted sitting on my bike on the Tissington Trail. I also include a preliminary sketch for a subsequent studio painting of the Yorkshire Dales, posted previously.





By the way – I have reposted this from earlier this evening – minor editing led to all sorts of formatting problems.

3 responses to “I found some sketches

    • Thank you. It’s funny. I remember being disappointed with that sketch at the time, failing to do justice to he splendour of he rocks. Later, it brings back memories and serves its purpose as a sketch. I like your art by the way.

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