8 responses to “Belligerence

    • Thanks. These were observed in the field but painted at home as experiments in technique. The real aim is to express the sense of aggression and bulk of this male swan defending his territory with fewer and simpler strokes. I have an idea for a larger mixed media piece based on this. Still thinking on materials and composition.

    • I was separated in time and space from my subject when painting these. I had been in a hide with a scope in spring, when the dominant male was seeing off his rivals. He displayed on the water then pursued his foe onto land. I had not the skill to capture the action so fast on paper, but had a camera so digiscoped the images. Part of developing the skills of drawing fast in the field is to study these postures and light in this sequence, develop my gestures with a brush, ready for this spring when battle will again commence.

      • I live under a migratory flyway, and every Spring the lakes and ponds seethe with Canada goose combat and mating. The mating appears to be the more brutal of the two, by far.

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