Salt cellar and sugar bowl

I sketched this in the cafe at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

salt cellar and sugar bowl (5)

I called in to see the exhibition of SJ Peploe, leading light of the Scottish Colourist movement at the beginning of the last century.  I was struck by his progressive development to abstracting into geometrical shapes while retaining the overall composition in still life or landscape.

I was also moved by the sculptures of Eduardo Paolozzi.  “Vulcan” towered above my table in the cafe.  “Tyrannical Tower Crowned with Thorns of Violence” lurked in an alcove.


3 responses to “Salt cellar and sugar bowl

    • Hi
      Yes. Paolozzi’s sculpture “Vulcan” was literally towering above my table. It was the contrast with the simple table furniture that struck me. I have a plan to paint this, but the sketch and some camera phone shots is all the source material i have.
      Thanks for calling by.

  1. I think you create amazing images without any source material. You should study the sketches and the phone images, then put them away, paint it as you imagine it, I find memories of things are always more dramatic than any direct representation, you’re more likely to capture how it made you feel.

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