Artfull Expression

I regularly buy silver jewellery for my wife at Artfull Expression (, a design centre in the famed Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham.

The shop has exhibition space at the back (    I called in on Saturday and spent some time chatting about art and the gallery with the display manager, Pat, while my little children were entertained by his older son.  I am honoured to have one of my pieces, “across the marsh to where Ettinsmoor meets the sea” on display in their mixed exhibition, on until the end of this year.

across the marsh to where Ettinsmoor meets the sea

The piece is on my page and the original post was this

As an aside, the artist whose work I buy at this shop is Anna de Ville (  I do not know her personally but from what I have read, her approach to silver work derives from her background as a print artist and this is evident in the simple shapes abstracted from nature and use of toned metal.

These were my biographical notes that I drafted in a hurry tonight.  Without formal training as an artist and with painting competing with the day job and family for my time, I felt I had to make a claim to some kind of artistic legitimacy or voice or why else am I projecting myself at all through exhibition?  Feel free to laugh.  Any comments on how to approach this kind of thing are most welcome.

Biographical notes

I am a cancer doctor, scientist, self-taught artist and father.  If these challenging roles give me artistic insight into life’s meaning, such revelations are at best chaotic.  One theme that crosses the boundaries might be truthfulness, and another, compassion.  Another yet is a sense of scale, the vastness of time and space in relation to our existence.  I make fast sketches in charcoal or watercolour of living dinosaurs, birds, and their behaviour.  More slowly, I draw the structures in weathering landscapes.  I have been developing these ideas into mixed media textured pieces.  Only recently, I have begun submitting these for public view in open exhibitions.  A piece “White Birds” is currently in the RBSA open exhibition.

Truthfully, “Ettinsmoor” is a whimsical piece.  It is reminiscent of passage in a book from my childhood describing a broad wetland.  The water was broken up by islands of coarse grass bordered with reeds and rushes, with clouds of birds constantly alighting and arising, and with wigwams belonging to a secluded people.  This image caught me long before I had ever seen a marshland for myself.  I longed to live there.

I publish my sketches and ideas and some finished pieces on

3 responses to “Artfull Expression

  1. It reads well and I do relate ‘vastness of time and space’ and ‘sense of scale’ to the work I’ve seen on your blog. Biography notes can be excruciating, but you’ve hit the right tone, number of descriptors and length for me!

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