Marsh Lane

I was cycling to the nature reserve where I observe and paint.  This time I stopped on the fifteenth century packhorse bridge and looked across at the newer arches carrying the railway across the River Blythe.  This quick sketch was done in charcoal.

This second sketch was, i think, done another day.  It is a view of the same bridge but from the other side.  I was in a hide in the reserve.  This was in pen and constitutes notes for a painting not yet executed.

I have just found another sketch in my folders.  View from the same hide I think but in the evening light.

7 responses to “Marsh Lane

  1. Loved these sketches and paintings. I sat there and looked for birds, animals and the wind blowing through the marsh grass. I then arose and walked around the water and next to the stonework bridge. I examined individual stones to see how Someone made them. And studied the keystones to see how the craftsman may have made them join. Thanks for a nice tour of your world.Oh yes; I also got a little nosey and attempted to read your notes to see where you were headed. I couldn’t and was rather glad that I could not. It leaves me waiting to see where you go next. Thanks for sharing your work. Wally

    • Thanks. I really liked your response. Most of my scribbles are colour notes and the one acronym refers to a bird species. I went back to decipher my writing and realised that in the middle is the highlight, the key to the whole piece when I paint it. So thanks for reminding to look again at my notes.

  2. There’s something really satisfying about drawing bridges. Again you’ve set me off thinking in a new direction. Time to pull out some old sketches around the Trent. The light in the bottom one is perfect.

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