Cattle egrets

I was cycling round the Parc Natural de s’Albufera de Mallorca and spotted these distant horses feeding, backed by tall bamboo.  Around and on them were cattle egrets. These charcoal sketches were done while viewing through a telescope.

5 responses to “Cattle egrets

  1. This post brought back memories of the summer of 1985, when I spent several weeks on the island of Mallorca taking classes. The subject was not cattle egrets but Catalan. The s’ in Parc Natural de s’Albufera de Mallorca is the definite article in the Mallorcan dialect of the language.

      • Yes I’m very impressed, not something I’ve tried, but sounds particularly tricky. I’ve got an image of you doing all this whilst on your bike! but I suppose you got off.

      • I was not on my bike.
        But I have sketched landscapes from the bike before.
        I read on someone else’s blog of an artist who claimed to have painted watercolours while driving. Then the artist himself appeared on the blog and commented to confirm this was true. This blew the original blogger’s mind to have his hero comment on his post. Then the artist’s ex-wife came onto the blog and commented that while it was true that he had painted landscapes from a moving car, she was the one driving … Sort of spoiled the image.

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