Like the other major religions, Birding seems dominated by men with beards.  I, who am clean shaven in the week, need two days growth before venturing to a hide.


Birding cathedrals are reserves clawed back from the human landscape: flooded quarries, salt marsh, the remnants of once great woodlands, heather moors and grass downs long stripped of their dominant oak forests.


Fanatical birders chase rare species and keep lists: like all religious zealots, they twitch.  But birders are mostly inoffensive people: they don’t bless guns or systematically abuse power.


Birders are not evolution-deniers, for their witness is of feathered dinosaurs, extant not extinct.  For those so minded, the holy doctrine is cladistics: evidence-based and probablistic in nature and therefore neither holy nor a doctrine at all.


Unfortunately, one thing all major religions have in common is intolerance.  And the next person who comes into a hide and chatters …

5 responses to “Spirituality

    • Thanks for your comment and for thi=us leading me back to your interesting blog.
      A nice thing about posting this blog is that I hear from people moved by natural history, birds and evolution and who appreciate the links from these into our culture.

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