Opening onto the sea

A small sketch on Arches rough paper with a limited range of colours and the squirrel mop brush on a hot day in Mallorca.

Now I am preparing to submit some pieces for an exhibition for the first time.  And I am learning that there is more to display than sticking a bit of wood round a picture.  My experimental pieces like Drone III and White Birds have irregular edges and uneven surfaces from the action of the medium making them difficult to mount properly.  I will find out later this week what has been made of them.  I need to select three of the five pieces I am having framed.  Even writing about this feels a risk – there is a low probability of these pieces being accepted (even lower if I don’t get my act together and submit the form by Wednesday!).


9 responses to “Opening onto the sea

  1. I am not an artist but I can say that over the months that I have been looking at your work it is getting better and better. I really like this one. When i say better and better I mean that it is growing in leaps and bounds. Keep it up.

    • Thanks. I can feel a change. The blogging made a difference, simply by committing myself to show work changed how I view my art. It’s a journey and I appreciate your company.

      • You are on a roll. It is amazing when we make a commitment to allow others to see our work how much we strive to do even better. Please don’t quit. I meant what I said about how I liked your “Opening onto the Sea.” I could imagine myself there.

    • Thanks. Drone iii is in there, with Rain and A rip in the ground. I submit tomorrow and find out in a week. If rejected, no worries, just submitting is a step and this is a high calibre if amateur show I’ve discovered.
      I’ll drop by and comment, but your latest sketches as the only sober guy at a party are stunning. Really striking.

  2. quite a bit of my work is difficult to present as well, one of the facts of life working with water and paper. However, I’ve found that treating the art as artifact and showing it “as is” in a deeper frame allowing for wrinkles etc. to be effective…your work is definitely good enough to show…

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