Drone III: We Must Leave These People No Place To Hide

Intelligence led, quasi-judicial, remote, aerial, guided kill

We must leave these people no place to hide

Hooligans, ne’erdowells and terrorists

The government writ no longer runs

These people

No place

We must leave





15 responses to “Drone III: We Must Leave These People No Place To Hide

    • Hi Hansi
      This is acrylic, just pthalo green and rose initially, plus pthalo blue and lots of white. I threw in warmer colours at the final revision.
      The challenge was to build on the work of Anselm Kiefer, using solid materials, textured paint and words. The sense of outrage at inhumanity is I think true to Kiefer but is also genuine. I was staggered to learn that democratic societies use remote piloted aircraft with ill defined rules of engagement. Whatever the rights and wrongs (I guess Obama just wants fewer dead GIs and who cannot sympathise with that), I tried to imagine how it feels to live in a community under constant threat from predator drones. It is a protest, not that anyone will care. I wanted to create a cityscape refracted through a disrupted surface. The materials included fragments of shattered crockery, tarmac and other debris including feathers from a corpse. After that it took on a life of its own, somehow taking on something of Atlantis drowning following my son’s comments.
      Best wishes

  1. Hello from Canada Neil, I have just nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award, and the Lovely Blog Award. I was nominated by http://ryeder.wordpress.com and accepted. I’m not sure how the award part works, but you can choose to join the fun by giving a link to my page: http://graphicanthropology.wordpress.com/
    Then stating 7 facts about yourself and nominating 15 other bloggers. This is of course entirely voluntary. You can read my post here

  2. Thanks for liking my post KestrelArt. I see you mentioned Darren Woodhead, I was wondering when I saw your work, if you knew him. I used to work with him in Greyfriars Art Shop. Amazing talent, I have one of his books. Loving your sketch pad. You are inspiring me to maybe do a little more work than I am doing(very little 🙂 ) Look forward to more.

    • Hi
      I cant claim to know Darren as such except as a student and customer. He was one of the tutors on the Scottish Seabird Drawing Course this year and I am buying some of his work soon I hope. I was a bit over-awed by his talent and skill. Actually even some of the professional artists and other tutors seemed impressed by him (as an amateur I was in the minority on that course). He paints outdoors direct from life, direct onto the page without drawing first, with a spontaneous and calligraphic style that I found beautiful. I felt like a primary school kid drawing in comparison.
      You are lucky where you are living. How can you bear not to draw, though if writing and photography are your thing, so be it. Thanks for dropping by.

      • Yes, Darren is something else alright. Was always floored by his talent and his application. As for drawing, well I do it in fits and spurts but mostly I paint. Still, its a struggle and I find a lot of painters are the same, driven to make pictures but sometimes it doesn’t come easy. Wish it did. Still I will battle on:)

      • Sure
        I didnt mean criticism and I was lumping drawing with painting. How much do I know it is a struggle … I find it a battle with each piece.
        have a good weekend.

      • None taken. From your blog I think you do a lot of work, fair play to you, I get distracted easily, but yes, I guess it is always a battle. You have a good weekend too:)

  3. I like this without even knowing anything about it. The movement in it is incredible and the composition so interesting. This one doesn’t need a name or an explanation, methinks. Clapping.

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