The Holy Moment, plus goats

Painting begins in frustration, self-doubt and swearing.  I look at the marks on the paper and cannot believe that I have ever painted anything worthwhile.  I have to persist, make myself paint,  if necessary abandon that piece and start the picture  again.  Eventually there can come a moment when I stop thinking in words, forget by doubts, my eye, brain and hand become wired together.  Then I am completely in the present.  This is the Holy Moment as described by Purplewax

During one particular holy moment I painted goats on a karst rock face.

No one says achieving the Holy Moment results in good draughtsmanship.  My goats were mutating into reindeer or donkeys and required a little surgery with a sharp blade to bring back a little of their goaty nature.

8 responses to “The Holy Moment, plus goats

  1. I relate to your thought process and the goats/reindeer/donkeys are wonderful! I’m sure they are enjoying the lovely scenery.

    • Thanks.
      In my first posts I just offered pictures but I discovered that people respond to the writing too. This is great because it challenges me to think. Anyway, for me art really is a struggle. Nothing comes easy.
      I liked Purplewax’s post about that moment when past and future dissolve and one sits exactly in the present and it made me think about how I work. Sometime I’ll post about the converse, when it’s impossible to focus through people chattering while I paint. That post will involve thoughts of murder …
      I always enjoy your prolific and diverse and often surreal output by the way. How does it feel when you draw I wonder?

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