Limestone gorge sketches

In recent weeks I have changed my tools. I used a squirrel mop brush that hold a lot of pain but comes to a fine point for calligraphic marking.   I painted on a small notebook of Arches rough paper.   I took my colour selection from Darren Woodhead, who paints birds direct from life with a skill that made me want to weep (  Prominent in this is the absence of pre-mixed greens and the generous use of rose madder in the neutrals.

I have revamped the pages to create galleries, marked by the tabs at the top of the home page.  These show work I  value, if not for my skill, at least for the meaning the work has for me.  Please do look in on these.

12 responses to “Limestone gorge sketches

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    • Art should be painful – if I don’t struggle it isn’t worth it. But the squirrel mop that holds a lot of paint is a joy to use. Its so expressive, switching from fat to thin with a slight alteration in pressure and bending at right angles to the handle like Japanese sumi-e brushes. Also, I had no idea how much difference painting on good paper would make. If it gets too much like fun though, I’ll have to stop doing it!

    • Thanks Desiree. Simplicity is what I am aiming at. The lower sketch was done earlier in the week. Really, it needed less paint, more open paper. I thinkits about committing to stonger marks sooner in the process and not going back and overworking it. I deliberately set out to do that, fighting against my intstinct to add more marks, in the upper piece. I think the top sketch works better as a result.
      Between paintings, I went back and looked at lots of watercolours by artists posting on wordpress to help me reflect on how I was approaching this.

  2. Light looking. I enjoy these. They sing to my loose soul in which art is not paintful or a struggle, but more like joyful play. It’s always so interesting to me why and how we paint and create. Enjoying your process.

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