Gannets nesting on Bass Rock III

How can I give you a sense of what it means to draw on Bass Rock?

At the landing point there is the cry of a peregrine overhead.

Climbing through the ruined castle, we face down the malevolence of the watching herring gulls.

Ascending, we are forced from the path because it has been taken over by nesting gannets. Gannets nest everywhere, covering the slopes, two or three feet apart, the length of a neck and beak.

I drew this, perched myself on a ridiculous three legged stool that sank unstably into the guano enriched mud that covered the rock.

Here are other quick line sketches I did of gannets stalking past.

7 responses to “Gannets nesting on Bass Rock III

    • Thanks. I’m always interested by how the quick sketches capture the attention, not just on my blog but on other people’s too. When I started blogging, these were the ones I would leave out.

    • Thanks. Of my pictures from that magical week’s drawing this was my favourite. To look at this now brings back memories. It’s a shame I drew in my book over two pages so I cannot frame it.

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