Gannets nesting on Bass Rock II

Exercises in rapid brush stokes as the birds shuffled and moved around their territories.

I found this a significant challenge and was full of admiration for the more confident and expressive paintings created by others there.


11 responses to “Gannets nesting on Bass Rock II

  1. I am loving the “life” in your bird sketches…. this is I feel art should be….. not photographic but more. I have been teaching photography today and that has just renforced that opinion.

    • Thank you Evelyn. i agree. I am not aiming for a photographic feel. But in abstracting there is still the challenge in the “right” line and edge and tone for that moment and feeling. Some of it is as simple as knowing my tools better as you might with a camera. Have I mentioned how much I like some of your paintings on your site by the way.

  2. I really like these sketches. The first one is very elegant and the way you have used negative space gives it a finished look. I would say it is ready to frame and hang on a wall!

  3. Hi Sharon
    When i did these I could see no value in them, but now, I really like them. With more skill they could be better but they feel expressive to me. My next post will show how, on the same day, I retreated form watercolour to a whole set of fast line sketches and finally to my old friend, charcoal. But looking at these now, I am encouraged to get out there and try drawing directly in watercolour again.

  4. You may notice that I keep saying that I was less than impressed by my efforts at watercolour. Everything is relative and in retrospect I can see their worth to me and my own painting journey
    However, one of the tutors on this course was a really great wildlife watercolourist, Darren Woodhead. Even other artists seemed in awe. No longer bothering with pencils or studio all works are generated in the wild directly with a brush and limited palette (by purest chance, the same palette that I have adopted since the course!). Look on his works and weep, at least I came close, but instead will buy. I think it’s his painting with empty space around his lines and tones that amazes me.

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