Gannets nesting on Bass Rock I

These are large powerful birds. When they land, there is a thud.

I sat an arms length away, one length of a wing away, a neck stretch away, a stab of that long bill away.

The sharp ammoniac smell and the clamour haunt me still.

18/06/2012 Bass Rock, Firth of Forth

7 responses to “Gannets nesting on Bass Rock I

    • Thank you.
      At the time, I was deeply, desperately disappointed in my inability to represent on paper my response to these magnificent animals. But this was my second day only on the seabird painting course and I was comparing myself with more practiced artists including some of the most skilled in this field. Now I can see these are a step forward for me and I am encouraged by them.

    • I dont think that was the barrier in this case. Really, it is practice and a cognitive leap to quickly see what is really important in the image and paint just that but paint that well. But thanks for your comments.

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