rain over lake Michigan

waking in Chicago yesterday, first thing was to buy an umbrella
its been sunny since

by the way – I’ve updated this image by photographing it in daylight rather than lamplight.  It makes a big difference I think.

8 responses to “rain over lake Michigan

  1. this is interesting in relation to almost monochromatic tones play and overlapping background seems like gouache and charcoal or maybe pastel/crayon additive?

    • Hi Ewa
      Monochromatic was my intention.
      It started as lots of white gouache on white paper, acrylic ink painted into that while wet so the gouache affected the spreading of the ink. I adjusted tones with paynes grey, sepia and white ink, dried it and painted into it sparingly with more white gouache, and near dry watercolour. I can’t remember now if I used charcoal. I had done an earlier version which was heavily built with charcoal so I realise I might have left that our in this version.

  2. I stood back and away from this. Awesome that you included the low-flying seagulls. That’s the finishing touch on this for me. You broke a rule (and they are meant to be broken) by dividing your composition in half. However, the inclusion of the birds and the angular strokes used to render Lake Michigan take the attention off that halfway division and makes the water swell. Very cool!

    • Thanks for the comment, Leslie. I was ignorant of the “rule” but I can see it makes sense. I just painted it as I felt because I wanted both the sky and water. Thinking back, Ewa’s comment was also close to the mark. I had in mind a monochromatic painting to begin with, with two different tones painted into white – it was intended as more of an abstraction from the scene than it turned out. Thinking back again, the halving of the composition disturbed me so I found myself compensating by painting in a different dynamic with directional strokes. As for the gulls, they were unintended at the start but I suddenly saw them in the texture and just strengthened the marks a bit. In other words, like most of my work, it was a bit haphazard in its creation, and I find stuff I the work as much as anyone viewing it.

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