Cityscape II

oil pastel and charcoal resist, gouache and lots of water

preceded by … madame la guillotine

this is how it started …

still wet

and in fragments

how to rebuild this?

15 responses to “Cityscape II

    • Thanks Jason. I just went back to remind myself how much I like your paintings too.
      There was no plan to make it look like a folding screen but now you have said it, I can see it that way too.

  1. You’re giving me some ideas here. Are these panels, or just painted to resemble panels? Very exciting.

    • Hi, it’s good to know I’ve given you ideas. Thanks. These are panels. I took the two pictures shown in the lower image, sliced them into panels and added mixed media to each panel separately. The order of the panels is as I picked them up, so not truly random but disordered from the original pictures. I added media in similar ways to each panel so there is some consistency but painting them separately was intended to create dissonance. The left panels are still wet but those on the right have dried a bit losing the intensity in the whites. Next week I’ll mount the panels (not necessarily in the order here) fix the pigments and possibly work into this further with acrylic ink. Then I’ll stop!

    • Thanks. However I don’t know how this will turn out. They were still drying when i left them. The pieces are left in the class. I’ve missed class this week having flown out to Chicago today and next week is half term. So in a couple of weeks I’ll pick up the pieces, literally, and work out what to do. It may not look like this photograph by then.

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