Who is Inspector Sands?

Will Inspector Sands please report immediately to the control area!


Will Inspector Sands please report immediately to the control area!

Will Inspector Sands please report immediately to the control area!

Will Inspector Sands please report immediately to the control area!


Will Inspector Sands please report immediately to the control area!

Who is Inspector Sands? And what took so long to answer the call?

Kings Cross Underground Station 16/05/2012

Experimental Drawing class 17/05/2012

Edited on Ipad 18/05/2012

13 responses to “Who is Inspector Sands?

    • Thanks. Much appreciated.
      The continual sequence of announcements intrigued me and I started watching the other commuters, thinking about how to draw them. I had to hold the images in my head until the next day by which time they had degraded into something more abstract.

    • Hi
      Thanks for dropping by. This was blocked in with very dense charcoal and then I used several difference white media on top. My favourite is water and gouache. This lifts the charcoal and then it dries and separates. I also used white acrylic forthe more defined shapes. I wanted to do more scenes in he series but have not had time.

  1. Hi there – came across your blog entirely by accident, but glad I did. I am currently writing a book set on the Underground entitled ‘Inspector Sands’, which follows the template of each tube station on the map having a story, which is explored from different viewpoints where those stations join other lines and intersect them. I am toying with the idea of making Inspector Sands a real character in the stories and how he/it influences events in a “chaos theory” sort of way. Anyway, this is a real long shot, but I was so impressed with the drawings themed around Inspector Sands that I thought it’d really make a fantastic book cover when I come to release it. I publish myself using Amazon, and have written a few other pieces that I have for sale there (search for ‘P T Muscutt’ on the Amazon site). I don’t claim to be the next Stephen King, but feel the stories I write are a little off the wall and different. I am not proficient in how to approach/ask for permission or offering payment etc. on the use of images, but I thought ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ and thought I’d ask! I’m not able to offer much, but love the way you work. By all means feel free to email me back, and I totally understand if you wouldn’t want to give permission/allow the image to be used for this purpose. I wouldn’t dream of using it without consent, but was really impressed with your work. I really loved the larger image of the legs on the escalator with the ascending escalator on the other side. I can of course send some samples from the book I am working on at the moment! Thanks for your time, Pete.

    • Pete
      Thanks. It’s great to be asked. You are right, those drawings were meant as a kind of short story, based on a slightly surreal experience on the underground. I would like to look at your stories first and discuss this.
      I realise I have a core of beliefs. These might be characterised as socialist and pro-equality. Something that came from a “rich-boy anarchic hate” perspective (exemplified by Farage or Trump) would be problematic. I have a long days work today, so will get back in a day or so.
      I should say, if this looks fun and interesting, I’m not going to charge a fee.

      • Hi there – thanks so much for the swift reply and I appreciate it as you sound very busy. I can of course into more depth when is more convenient for you, but hopefully you have my email address from the comment I posted so probably best to contact me on there. More than happy to provide some of the short stories I’ve done so far, which I think fall into the ‘surreal’ camp! They are not influenced so much by politics, but the general idea was for a sort of horror story arc/a series of recurring characters that can be followed throughout the book. Where possible the stories will have a light/dark aspect to them, so where one tale might be sinister or dark, its hoped the ‘alternative’ story will have a lighter edge.

        I’ll leave you to it for now, but looking forward to sending you what I have so far! Have a good and productive day!

        Kind regards

  2. Hi there again,
    It had been a while so I thought I’d message you again and check if you were still interested in the proposed use of your artwork in conjunction with my stories – I’ve continued to work on the book while my other completed book is proof-read etc. The over-arching story has developed a little, but I am still happy to provide some sample chapters/stories and a synopsis for the finished thing to see if you like them and feel its something you’d be happy to be associated with.

    If not, I totally understand but thought I’d follow up.

    • Hi Pete
      Thanks for getting back
      I downloaded one of your books called A Puddle of my Own Excitement. That is yours, right? It has a refreshing honesty and some self deprecating humour. I could only dip in and sample, not read through. The very fact that you put it out there is both brave and funny, and I don’t mean that badly. You wrote it so I guess you’ll understand what I mean. It’s like adolescent male stream of consciousness, the kind of thing I’ve come to edit out of my thoughts with age and something which I can pass off as wisdom.
      Ok, if you let me have an email address I’ll contact you and I’ll look at the book. To be honest I’m likely to let you have the images whatever. You could have so easily ripped them and chances are I’d never have known or cared. My big deal is I very much don’t want to associate with anything racist or misogynistic or homophobic, or in these times, anything which promotes hate generally. That’s my red line. Outside that, I might not like something, but I’m unlikely to be obstructive.
      I look forward to seeing the book

      • Hi again –
        Thank you for the reply, my email address is: kobayashi_man@yahoo.co.uk. Yes the book you downloaded was one of mine – that one is more a ‘journal’ style of observations etc… a better representation is something like the ‘drabbles’ (100-word stories) that I wrote, which I am more than happy to email you as well as some more up to date sample stories that will make up the ‘Inspector Sands’ book. It’s important to bear in mind a lot of the current material are first drafts, and will probably undergo re-writes once I’ve got everything together.

        Thanks for the comments on the writing – I guess what I had put out was very much ‘stream of consciousness’, what was going through my head at that time; I do understand what you mean when you say that sort of thing gets “edited out” of you over time! I suppose we all change, hopefully for the better!

        I take on board your comments about material that promote hate, racism and sexism. While some of my stories can be classed as surreal with horror elements, I feel there’s a certain dark humour to what I write, which hopefully does not offend people. I would never set out to write something that promotes anything offensive to a race/gender/sexual orientation, so wholeheartedly support your view in that respect.

        Give me a shout on the email anyway, and I will get some bits together to hopefully represent what the new book is all about.

        PS – I’d hope that by not ripping off other people’s material/work, people wouldn’t do the same to me! Courtesy costs nothing and I was brought up to respect what other people have done, so as much as I love your art, I’d never think of using it without permission 🙂

        Kind regards

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