These sketches were done in the two hour class last night.  They are still drying – I took these shots on my phone.

The constraints put on us were to use just black and white, avoiding half tones.  I built in heavy charcoal and then put in white gouache and cheap acrylic ink that had settled like swamp mud at the bottom of the jug.

At this stage, I am just exploring shapes and tones, contrasting painted white, white pixellated with carbon, the virgin white of the untouched paper and the bone white scars left by shredding the surface.

I used a photograph as a reference.  I think I was looking west up East Wacker Street.

I’m back in Chicago in a few weeks.  I’ll bring charcoal and brush.

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    • Thank you. It’s always a dilemma whether to post beginnings such as these (but actually it’s the only art I’ve had time for this week, so not much choice). I will be thinking how to develop these ideas next week.

    • That is kind of you to say so. Frankly, I am amazed and flattered that you should find my work inspiring. I just went on your blog and am very impressed by the sketches there. They are clearly rough, as are mine and as sketches should be, but they are very accomplished. Anyway, I guess that’s the joy of art blogging – we find inspiration in the day-to-day struggles of fellow artists.

      • I’m going to dig out some old holiday photos and have a go using the black and White rule. Looking at other people’s work sparks off connections with your own and these have prompted me to rethink some old ‘unsuccessful’ pictures I’d thrown away and try again to capture their scale. I need to ring fence some regular time to get back to drawing/painting. How many hours on average do you do per week?

      • HI
        Right now, this past few weeks, I am drawing only 2 hours a week in this experimental class. Its great that I do even this. however, it is way too low. Earlier this year, I was also doing a life class for three hours and making myself draw for a few more hours at the weekend – up to ten hours. But with a more than FT job, this is not sustainable. Given the opportunity, i would happily drop a day’s work a week and approach painting more systematically but this is not going to happen. Its great that you are looking at your work again in this way. i know that feeling – its why I enjoy looking at other people’s blogs. Interesting you put “unsuccessful” in inverted comments. I agree – looking back, unsuccessful as finished pieces is not the same as unsuccessful as experiments or as developing an idea. That’s been something I’ve had to learn – I’m not a professional artist, I don’t have to earn my living by selling finished pieces. I can be satisfied by the experimentation and the process and the ideas. Very little I post here would be acceptable in an exhibition I suspect and I don’t have time to find out.

      • Also, I’ll find the name of the artist who we have used as a reference for this class focussing on B+W – I can’t remember – you might be interested in seeing his landscapes.

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