While the curry is cooking …

… I thought I’d post some observations from a morning spent watching birds in the rain.  

I’ll start with the piece I did last, once back home.  I was carrying on from my recent experimental drawing, building the surroundings in charcoal, wetting the paper and then erasing firmly to tear the paper into highlights playing on the water.  I wanted a different texture for the mating gulls and used ink washes direct on virgin paper.


These were the rapid sketches in the field, trying to capture the movements and posture of the mating birds.

whoo … just caught the rice before it burned.

5 responses to “While the curry is cooking …

  1. Love it all again. You have captured the movement and postures of the birds in your sketches…. they “come to life”. Would be wonderful reference sketches for sculpture. Paring down to only the salient strokes to capture the subject is not easy and you do that so well.

    • Thanks. As always, I really appreciate your comments.
      And I can absolutely agree it was not easy – I’ve selected the sketches that worked – that day’s pages are full of lines that look meaningless – the subjects move too fast and my visual memory is limiting. Its a challenge..

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