a rip in the ground

This is the first in a sequence of paintings in which I  explore how the flat basalt plain was rent by powerful forces.

The sky and foreground were rendered in charcoal then gouache and ink whereas I painted the distant volcanic craters in transparent glazes.

The composition leaves a bit to be desired, not yet giving the sense of raw power that must have shapes this scene.

Amended 24/04/2012 – I photographed this again in natural rather than electric light and with a fixed rather than a handheld camera. It comes out rather better I think.

10 responses to “a rip in the ground

  1. Thanks. Your comments are really appreciated. I think the sky did work well, in retrospect. Truthfully, I overworked the crater in the mid ground – I needed to have stopped painting a layer short – but that’s a learning point for me. I remember I kept looking for the UNDO button at that point as if it were a digital painting. Instead I had to lift the pigment with water and tissue, but you can never go back to the original appearance.
    I have a few more in this sequence from last week but I will probably try this scene again.
    Thanks again.

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  3. I fully disagree that the composition of this piece doesn’t capture the power of the scene. I love the color and movement of the sky and the texture of the foreground in contrast with the mountains.

    • I went through the double negative and it came out as a compliment. Thank you. And anyone reading this, please do follow the link back to thecolourofthought as there are great images there too.

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