Some years ago, I walked along the bank of a tidal river and was struck by the light playing on the water and on the bleached skeletons of small boats revealed by receding water on the shore line.  Some had a payload of rocks in the hulls, clearly the boats had been deliberately abandoned yet sunk into shallow water.  

Anyway, this small watercolour served as a warm up exercise as I started to paint on holiday last week.  

11 responses to “Wreck

    • HI. Just looked at your own blog. Great sketches and very diverse. I like the wash landscape in the hand made sketch book which was the most recent one when I posted this comment. .
      If you’re serious, I’ll mail the picture to you. It’s not mounted or framed. But, no pressure, I’m not a professional artist making a living from my work.
      It’s a gift, but it would be great if you chose to make a donation for our work on cancer and immunity http://www.justgiving.com/Neil-Steven.. Let me know on greyheron@gmail.com.

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