Bare time for creativity this last week.  Sitting on my table is the skeleton of the painting from my most recent post.  It will not now be finished and posted before I go on holiday tomorrow.

So here is instead a memory of a previous visit to tomorrow’s destination.

This fumarole is one of many scars upon this land.  Here molten rock sits perhaps just hundreds of feet beneath our feet, a stable point of heat across which the Earth’s crust migrates.  This whole land has formed from eruptions through the ocean depths starting 15 million years ago.  The last was just yesterday, geologically speaking, finishing in 1736.  An eyewitness recorded “In the first night a huge mountain grew out of the ground and, from its peak, enormous flames that kept burning for 19 days could be seen”  Central volcanoes were surrounded by a vast acreage of slow moving lave that cooled and hardened into contorted forms.  Today these hills seem at first bare of life although they are already colonised by lichens and even some flowering plants.  None the less, the colours in the landscape seem unnatural, arising from the disgorged minerals not from the stems and leaves of plants as we are used.

I painted this perhaps 2 years ago.  I will do more this next week.  I think this landscape lends itself to experimenting with charcoal and gouache.

I have previously posted paintings from this place.



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