Across the marsh

For a week or two I have had a composition in mind.

These are the elements.  The morning sun comes from the right and illuminates the face of a distant eroded volcanic plug projecting up from the landscape.  Forward is a marsh.  Our own vantage point is concealed within trees..

I set out these ideas on the iPad.

There is more. An event has disturbed the marsh birds which rise in alarm.

And there is a sense of menace

Now the paint and ink and suspended charcoal must dry and settle.  This painting is changing by the hour without work from me as the components of the ink dissociate and recombine.  This bright red wound is already fading into myriad dark fractals like a scab across the landscape.  It will be some days before I can work into this.

As yet I don’t know how.

7 responses to “Across the marsh

  1. Ah … But it’s already changed just through evaporation.
    The beauty of taking photos is that that red puddle gave me ideas I’d not had originally. It’s accidental by the way. The ink is sepia and the red has separated out from it.

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