white birds

Soon far from the rose and the lily, and fret of the flames would we be,

Were we only white birds, my beloved, buoyed out on the foam of the sea!

The inspiration for this painting is from the Waterboys album An Appointment with Mr Yeats.

16 responses to “white birds

  1. I think this is a wonderfull blog. The work posted touches the souls as an artist.
    The creative process had always brought happiness and given me a feeling of accomplishment, self – satisfaction and contentment. Now I plan to successfully translate this passion into an exciting career and prays that this zeal for art can become a larger part of my life as I grow as an artist.

  2. As I barely keep up with making and posting my own work, I take too little time to look at others. Thanks for keeping connected with my blog, every time I come see yours I’m well rewarded.
    I loved the evolution of this piece! seeing it pushed through stages and have to wait between, the ipad experiment, and your journal of the process. The end result is richly textured and satisfying!

    • I am honoured that you stopped by. I follow your work most days. You are very prolific. Each is good but some stand out as particularly dramatic and imaginative. I am struggling to find time to draw this last few weeks – deadlines at work and just everyday clinical work has to take priority.

  3. LOVE this piece–it has a wildness that, coupled with the texture, makes you hear the wings flapping and the birds calling.

  4. I’ve never exhibited. Does anyone knw whether this is of a standard that might get me selected for an open exhibition ? I’m thinking of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists which hosts professionals and some exhibitions open to amateurs.

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