Sycamore gap

Today I went to my experimental drawing class.  Interesting – I decided to throw gouache over unfixed charcoal.  I assumed it would mix to form greys but the water skittered over the graphite and the colour spread and pooled in interesting ways.   But I left it to dry and found I had forgotten my camera.  Next week, I’ll photograph it, before tearing it up to reform it into new layers.

So with five minutes before starting work for the evening, I thought I’d post a much less experimental drawing.  I stood last autumn on a moor and drew a gap in the distant ridge forming Hadrian’s wall.

This was the later painting.  I really needed to have faded the ridge to give a better sense of the difference in distances between this and the moor in the foreground.  Now I’ve posted it I might wash out the colour from the background and see how that works.

I noticed another couple of sketches of this region in my book.

These were done on site using just a little paintbox.  i always struggle to get depth of colour in field sketches.

I have already posted the drawing that came from this sketch.

4 responses to “Sycamore gap

  1. These are great. If you haven’t already washed out the background leave it. Try intensifying that narrow strip foreground red.

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