not so much a painting …

more an assault on the paper.

if you look closely you can see the marks from where I clawed back the pigment.

Oh well – step by step …

11 responses to “not so much a painting …

    • I love your analogy. And that’s exactly what it felt like. I was tired, had worked much of the weekend but had this wretched painting in my mind all the time. This is the third or fourth attempt. The others I started carefully, toning the paper to create a ground etc but it became obvious they were going nowhere. This one, I threw pigment at the paper, reserving only the heron and tree trunks. I painted, blotted, poured water onto the paper and lifted, scratched through paper towel to make marks, and threw dark tones all over the delicate pinks and yellows I’d started with. By the end I realise i was sloppy, using leftover pigment on the palette, and using dirty water.
      The revelation was standing up and looking down on it. That helped me pull it together.
      Lots to learn from this even so.

  1. All paintings are different, sometimes it feels like it’s all smooth sails and sunshine and sometimes you have to take them by force, chasing them and really don’t care about the result. When I attended art school me and my friends used to say the we were chasing the motives around the paper in order to catch them. It seems like you did just that with this painting, and it was clearly worth it.

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