Back to the woodland theme: Booted eagle

I drew this last year.  I sketched in ink and blotted out to create textures before putting the colours on top.

I had seen the eagles as I drove along the main highway through Menorca.  I came off the road and followed as best I could, finding myself on the edge of a residential area.  A long way off was a dip in the land surmounted by a wood.   There was  clearly a group of eagles feeding on something in the dip.  Most easily seen was this one that settled in a tree.  I wasn’t set up to digiscope so took some patchy photographs, balancing a camera against the telescope’s eyepiece, and drew this as soon as I could afterwards.  The digital version has rather deeper tones than the original.

This is a much simpler sketch than my more recent attempt posted this week  Following some very helpful comments, I am thinking of returning to that sketch building with glazes constructed in simpler blocks, without the busy lines.


6 responses to “Back to the woodland theme: Booted eagle

  1. The colors are the star of this. You have achieved a lot of movement through texture, color, and just plain good drawing. I like your style!

    Thank you for visiting my blog.


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