Pancake day

On the way home from school, they asked me why we have Pancake Day.

I talked about myth and metaphor, of feast and fast, of journeying into the desert, stones and sand, scorpions and snakes, of isolation, solitude, prayer and meditation.

Their response was  “so we can eat pancakes!”.  They talked of lemon and sugar, chocolate sauce and liquid toffee, cream and ice cream, of batter hitting the ceiling and falling on our heads.

“Knock knock” “Who’s there” “Philip” “Philip who” “Flip the pancake and don’t miss the pan!” (We’re not very good at knock knock jokes in our house).

I remembered that decades ago, in another life,  I had been asked to provide visual aids illustrating a powerful Biblical passage, used to mark the start of Lent.

Actually, the accompanying sermon was more striking, beginning with the preacher throwing off her cassock to reveal the most violent orange check shirt you can imagine, going on to deliver a high pressure pitch as Satan in the persona of an East London salesman (voices she knew well from her childhood days around Woolwich market).

5 responses to “Pancake day

  1. Very amusing – can’t see the detail of the drawings but I get the message :-).

    Re the K-K joke – to my mind the diminutive works better …

    (“Phil who?” “Phil my pancake with Nutella please, Dad”. )

  2. I still find these very powerful drawings.

    In some ways we are more used to alternative/provocative approaches to Christianity these days but the first church congregation that saw these, more than twenty five years ago, had not seen anything like it before and found them quite challenging. That was a positive thing because it encouraged them to talk about the Bible passage, ask questions and offer their thoughts. For many, that was a first.

    The Vicar at the time was a very encouraging and supportive man and welcomed this approach, not all do, even now.

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