landscape sketches

I carry a pocket sized sketchpad and a pencil when out walking.  I make notes on landscape for paintings, few of which come to fruition.  These sketches come from Flamborough Head on the Yorkshire coast a couple of years ago.

Further inland is the spectacular natural amphitheatre, the Hole of Horcum.

Much further south in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, I was struck by the light glowing through and reflected from the vegetation – hard to capture in pencil.

Here was an attempt to show the colours while they were still fresh in my mind.  The featureless orange ground was in reality formed from rust coloured bracken – I have lost its texture.  I was most interested to show the transitional luminosity in the mid ground bushes – the upper parts glowing from the evening sunlight, the bases already shrouded in the dusk.

10 responses to “landscape sketches

  1. I love seeing all of your pencil sketches. They are beautiful. The watercolor of the last sketch is lovely too. Love the muted colors of the background. They really take the eye all the way through the painting to the hills in the distance.

  2. Thank you Kelly, your comments are much appreciated.
    Part of the point of this blog is to make me reflect more on my own art, if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. Posting these sketches reminds me that I must do more – both walking and drawing when I am out. I cycle every weekend and have the sketch book with me but I don’t use it enough.

  3. I tried watercolour pencils many years ago. I was not drawing regularly so it was my lack of skill not the medium that was limiting. Since then, sometimes I do paint onto this same sketchbook using a little box of half pans and my drinking water or water found on scene. I paint over the pencil marks just a couple of washes and as sketches go, these have been satisfying. I’ll post these sometime.
    I always enjoy looking at the field sketchbooks of other artists also. The immediacy of the moment compensates for the roughness of the sketch. Of course some people are just very good at it.

  4. I have just taken a scan of your work and I think it is amazing. I will come back and look properly when I have more time. You capture so many subtle qualities of nature. And thanks for the “like” for my Man With Hat. You asked about the medium. I did it on my iPad, completely digital. I think I did it with the Sketchbook Pro app, but I can’t remember. I’ve got so many apps for drawing and painting.

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