Giant Pterodactyl

This is as much an aide memoire to myself as a post to others.

Recently, I’ve thrown in a couple of cartoons using Giant Pterodactyl as a means to mayhem- initially inspired by the need for a fitting response to Jeremy Clarkson.

I was drawing reconstructions of pterodactyls as a kid and now coming back to observing and painting animals, I had thought to do so again.  So let me pay tribute to some people doing this seriously whom I’ve noticed on the way.

Davide Bonadonna is a professional PaleoArtist.  I love his illustrations of dinosaurs and contemporary wildlife  I came across him simply by googling images and following his illustrations to their source.  Mark Witton co-wrote a paper on Azhdarchid pterosaur functional anatomy referenced previously and got his painting of marauding giraffe sized monsters into a scientific journal.  He has other great illustrations here  I’ve modified this post to link now to  I’ll be buying his book.

They have both developed the career that I might have fantasied about as a kid, consultant palaeontologist and artist.  I really like their combination of accuracy with artistry.

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