I have periodically watched modest groups of starlings weaving spectacular skeins like smoke in the sky.  This painting is from a series of attempts to depict a really large murmuration dominating an entire landscape.  I used assorted photographs as sources.

11 responses to “Murmuration

  1. I have found myself exploring just this as an artist myself. You ask good questions. Have you persued this further? It begs to be captured but is so ephemoral…

    • Hi
      I did several pieces in this series, and more sketches besides. I have never seen a massive murmuration of starlings though the smaller formations are still impressive. I have also watched and drawn other quite different bird groupings, in light and roosting. There is so much to watch and paint. Still, you have given me an idea. I will pull together these various sketches into a page on the blog.
      Are your artistic impressions available somewhere. The link did not lead me to a blog.

    • Thanks for finding this piece posted so long ago. I have say it remains a favourite of mine. I did many versions, trying to explore techniques and this was the most abstract.

  2. This painting is incredible! It really captures the movement of a murmuration, which I didn’t even think was possible! Is there any way I could buy a print of this? Please let me know!

      • Wonderful – I am so excited! I’ve filled in my email in the form below, please let me know if you can see it.

      • Hi there, this is Becky again – just wondering if you still have this painting and if I could buy the original or a print from you/through donation? it’s so lovely, I would love to have it in my home. My email is on my profile. Thanks!

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